Curriculum Vitae

Mike Trest (Updated June 2015)

Tel: +1 704 650 7053 Charlotte, NC

I am pursuing interesting opportunities via Trest Consulting . We provide support to a number of clients on a project basis. Projects typically involve development of commercial communications products, IP and Voice network engineering, or WEB / Database / ASP design and development.


U.S. Navy and Other Government Agencies have led the way into significant communications advances. I held positions as Chief Scientist or Lead Engineer with Systems Development Corporation (now Unisys), Purvis Systems, and Visicom Laboratories (now Titan) on projects for U.S. Navy and other government agencies. I managed multiple projects and teams where emerging technologies were being integrated into specialized military applications. Many of these projects required Secret and Top Secret clearances ( including SBI / COMSEC and other special clearances ).

When the Voice Over IP emerged I immediately formed a new company to focus on that technology and the emerging Internet. At that time, the standards were still evolving. Each new VoIP related conference saw many new vendors and products. The VoIP / Internet integration was completely demonstrated. VoIP had become economically viable. Therefore, when asked to take over as CTO of an international VoIP network and to map the technology and business strategy, my primary focus was to select the most stable platforms with software that assured interoperability with the greatest number of carriers. A method of CDR collection and billing was needed as well. Within two weeks, the network was operating with multiple T1s connected to a pool of 50+ international carriers. International VoIP peer-sessions with 17 foreign destinations established capacity for 500,000 minutes per day from just one of the operations. In that same two week period, a secure WEB based real-time CDR collection, billing, and traffic analysis application was written. The application was well received by the carriers as it allowed both wholesale and retail carriers to view their CDR records within one second of completion of the call. Both summary and detail CDR/billing status is also available via secure WEB login. The network and application continues to grow and is adding new destination routes every week.

Judy and I both were asked to stabilize a large Call Center project that was growing at explosive rates. This project eventually required multiple T1 and T3 inbound voice trunks going to multiple CTI servers, a collection of SQL database servers, multiple Value-Added-Networks and secure Internet links. The approach used was to provide a rapid assessment and creation of a strategic plan. From there, we launched into a 3 month project to implement the first stage of the plan: stabilize operations by controlled, incremental, upgrades. We re-structured the physical plant facilities to deal with call center growth, stabilized power distribution and backup power systems. We re-structured the LAN into zones where services had appearances in each zone. We organized and participated in hands-on training for the client’s growing IT staff. We directed the IT staff in restructuring SQL applications. Finally, we designed and brought up a secure SSL thin-client application for the remote store front locations. In this same time period the number of active agents grew from 300 seats to 1,200 seats.

On another project I helped a medical appliance firm bring a mobile heart monitoring system to market. The project required integration of an embedded RTOS, a 900Mhz transceiver running proprietary sensor link protocols, an AMPS/CDMA cell phone chip set, and a GPS receiver chipset. All of this was squeezed into a package not much larger than a Palm size PDA. The approach used was to provide hands-on support to port the RTOS to the new hardware, to write the device drivers, and to provide integration support to the hardware engineers and application software developers. Having a solid background in RF telemetry, TCP/IP protocols, VxWorks, and telephone signaling networks was very useful.

Free Will Baptist Bible College, Nashville, TN (B.A. Honors)
Trinity Divinity School, Deerfield, IL (M.A. Highest Honors)
New York University, New York, NY (Ph.D Res., A.I. Katsch Fellow, Honors)


Mr. Trest has presented technical seminars, workshops and keynote addresses at Internet and Telecom seminars in Asia, Europe, and United States. Speaking engagements include presentations in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, London, Washington DC, Reno NV, San Diego, San Jose, and Tokyo/Yokohama Japan. This included seminar presentations at Networld + Interop Tokyo (’97 and ’98), The ATM FORUM Academy Series in Asia, the ATM Year 98 Asia program in Singapore, and the ATM Year 97 program in San Jose. Other presentations include Re-Engineering the Internet, an IRI seminar in London, and keynote address for Society Of Telecom Consultants in Reno. Seminar topics included the latest Telecom Signaling, ATM, Voice Over IP, Voice Over ATM, IP Over SONET, DWDM, and Quality Of Service issues in LAN/WAN networks.

Mr. Trest has been involved in activities related to ARPANET/MILNET research projects, the ATM FORUM’s “ATM YEAR” and educational programs, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). He was an invited participant in the Clinton-Gore administration’s Next Generation Internet Workshop initiative. He has been a frequent speaker at communications industry seminars and before trade associations like United States Telephone Association (USTA) and Society Of Telecom Consultants (STC). Mr. Trest has also represented Internet Service Provider industry and Commercial Internet Exchange (CIX ) membership before the Federal Communications Commission. He has also prepared technical recommendations to Japan PTT & MITI on Next Generation Internet and communications research initiatives.

Mr. Trest and Judy Trest ( along with a group of multi-talented professionals ) continue to provide support to clients on a project basis. See the Projects drop down menu.